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on Wed 10 Jan - 15:28

These rules may be subject to change without notice and are not all inclusive. If Council requests something extra from you, please follow it.
All these rules boil down to respect. If you do not have respect for your fellow players, you have no place in Order.


-= Use {NJO} tags when you are in our server. You don't need to keep them on other servers, but do remember you represent our clan, even without them. =-

-= Try to keep swearing to a minimum. Racist/sexist/homophobic talk is extremely forbidden. This extends to the image you use on your profile and the name you use in-game. =-

-= Please stick to the English language. A small chat in other languages is fine, but remember that English is the main language. =-

-= No amount of personal attacks or character assasination, also known as flaming/insulting is tolerated. If you can't be polite, then be quiet. =-

-= No multiclanning! Joining in another clan while you are in {NJO} is absolutely forbidden. You can not be a member of another JKA clan. =-

-= Do not ask to be promoted. The New Jedi Order deals with rank promotions according to the Master's wishes. =-

-= Respect is imperative, and asked to be observed at all times. Our Order consists of many age groups and backgrounds. In order not to cause or receive offense, respect is utmost necessary - NJO member or not, friend or not, Respect is to be earned and given, but not requested. =-
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