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Server News: Academy1.bsp entity map mod added to server

on Sat 20 Jan - 8:59
This is an entity mod of the academy1 map by Circa from single player to work better on multiplayer. If you've ever played SP, you know that this map is used for all the scenes that take place in the academy. It was only meant for cutscenes, therefore has various NPC's. If you've ever tried playing it in multiplayer, those NPC's will still be there.

The map is very simple and good for clan meetings or small dueling matches. All the NPC's are removed, so now you don't have to worry about killing them all before you begin dueling or whatever you're wanting to do.


- Fixed spawnpoints.
- Deleted bugged NPC's.
- Health/armor packs added.
- Botroutes, so if bots are in-game they move and not jump all over the map like crazy.

For admins: /ammap 0 academy1 to change map.

This is server-side mod which means you don't need it in your personal base folder.
You don't need to download anything. The magic of entity mods.
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