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bleezy's application

on Mon 22 Jan - 9:02
* Ingame name :bleezy
* Age :26
* Gender :m
* Location :usa
* Previous clan(s)/teams/communities :none
* Previously used names :
* Reason you want to join {NJO} :really wanting to learn
* How long have you been playing JKA? :2 days
* Interested in roleplay :yea
* Steam (if you have) :
* Any modding/graphics skills (mapping, modelling, coding, anything) :no
* Would you like to be willing to pay our clan server with a secured paypal (3€, 5€, 10€, ...) What a Facemaybe Razz
Jedi master - Founder - Admin
Jedi master - Founder - Admin
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on Mon 22 Jan - 9:46
Hi Bleezy welcome to the clan.
We had a good time playing on the serv so its cool to see you applying.

You can wear tags {NJO}Name-H (NJO part must be white colored, { } and the rest of your name colors can be decided by yourself.)
We will find a solution for your { key ; )

Read the archives of the order to know the clan better.

See ya in game !

Jedi master - Founder - Admin
Jedi master - Founder - Admin
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Re: bleezy's application

on Mon 22 Jan - 14:28
Hello Bleezy!

Glad to hear we got a new hopeful, I guess Obi said most of the things already.
We have different timezones but that shouldn't be a problem, anyway if we don't see often maybe we can set up day but will see in the future <;

Play in our server when can and try to visit forums for news and etc, good luck and have fun! Smile
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Re: bleezy's application

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