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- {New Jedi Order} :: RANKS & OCCUPATIONS -


Jedi Masters are the prestigious members of the New Jedi Order, proving themselves in all aspects of what it means to be a clan member by training in all additional roles as a Jedi and Jedi Knight. These members focus on teaching, organizing, and keeping the peace. They are able to hold official combat and movement classes, and take on an apprentice for deeper teaching of combat, movement, and the game in general. They answer to the Clan Founders, but are second in command. This rank provides admin council rights.


As a Jedi progresses in skill and promise, and the Masters sees that they are truly loyal and dedicated to the clan, they become a Jedi Knight. This rank also provides admin knight rights.

:: JEDI - J ::

Once a Padawan proves themselves after a fair amount of time in the clan, through activity, attitude, behavior, and initiative, they then move to be a full Jedi.
This rank also provides admin instructor rights.

:: PADAWAN - P ::

The first official rank of the New Jedi Order. Padawans are the young newcomers to the NJO. The lowest rank in the clan,  they are shown the basics and taught what they need to know to further their training. They will undergo basic training and also begin to learn the ways of the New Jedi Order.

:: Hopeful - H ::

Before becoming members of the New Jedi Order, newcomers start as Hopefuls. They are expected to learn the very basics of the New Jedi Order, such as customs, and get acquainted within the clan. In time, once deemed ready by the Recruiting Team and the Masters, they will be able to join as Padawan members.


- Occupations -
Apart from ranks we have duties divided among Occupations.

:: Recruiting team ::

The Recruiting team is a group designed to observe, assess, and then make suggestions to the Masters about hopefuls aspiring to join our Order.

:: Order Relations ::

Order Relations is a group dedicated to preserving relations between members inside the New Jedi Order and clans NJO is in contact with. Order Relation members, if not attending disputes or meetings, are to seek out new contacts or preserve current contacts with other clans.

:: Operations ::

The Operations team is in charge of arranging events for the New Jedi Order. Be it, tournaments, clan matches or just get togethers, they are the ones who can do it.

:: Designers & Modders ::

This Occupation is for those interested in graphics, modding and programming. They have generated the most beautiful avatars and signatures on the forums, as well as player skins, maps and mods for JKA.
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