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{NJO} Structure - Who are we?

on Thu 4 Jan - 15:34
:: {NJO} - New Jedi Order :: Who are we?

We are Jedi Academy clan based on maturity, respect and having fun. Our FFA server is running the most popular JKA mod (JA+) with custom maps and MP damages and we welcome everyone to join in on the fun. Looking for a community with which you can bond? Well then, come say hi, introduce yourself or even post in an application, we’ll make sure you receive a warm {NJO} welcome! More info about our rank system, rules, members et cetera can be found from Archives section ( )


Our structure is mainly based on the bond between the master and their apprentice. Every member has a master-trainer at some point of their time in our clan, with the aim that one day they will be able to take on their own apprentices. See more on the ranks on page "Ranks & Occupations". ( )

Jedi Masters govern the clan. The Grand Masters (clan founders) oversees the clan's direction as a whole, while the Jedi Masters oversees most of the in-game things.

Apart from ranks we have duties divided among Occupations. While the Recruiting Team is in charge of the Hopeful's well being, the Order Relations keeps in contact with our allies. There's more information about this on the "Ranks & Occupations" page.
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