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Jedi master - Founder - Admin
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on Mon 8 Jan - 15:30

General info

Server Name: ...................{NJO} Temple
IP: 25667
Map rotation: mp/duel5, FFA3, FFA4, Jedi's Home V2
Fraglimit: 120
Timelimit: 90
Damages: MP
Mod: JA+

type in console /connect

If you see us using a map that you don't have, you will find it on the downloads page.
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* No laming:  Laming is attacking a player who has their saber down, or their chat up. Melee counts as a saber too.

*Respect everyone: Don't be a stupid, first and foremost. The easiest and simplest rule. This includes creating a hostile environment towards others. Please respect others, play nice and have fun.

*Language(s): Speak in English when possible. Occasional non-English conversations are fine.

*No Spamming: Spamming recruitment messages, just like spamming anything, is annoying and won't be tolerated for long.

*No insulting: Little swearing is fine, but insults are not. Keep drama to a minimum. If you have an issue with a player, bring it to the attention of the admins, take a break, cool off. Acting like a grown-up is good start.

*No recruiting: Recruiting on our server is prohibited and if done it will mean instant termination of your connection to play on {NJO} server.

*DDoS/crash/exploits: People who got caught by ddosing or crashing/exploiting our server(s) gets insta-ban.

*No cheating/hacking/scripting: Don't use any kind of wallhacks or aimbots that gives an unfair advantage, same goes with binding combo moves (DFA, lunge, kick, etc), is considered as cheating.
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